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Order corporate gifts online for delivery and make your business stand out. Gorgeous professional gifts delivered right to their home or office! We'll do the heavy lifting and help your business leave a positive, lasting impression! Give with confidence. Send GiftTree!


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  • What is a business gift?

    A business gift, also known as corporate gifting, is a gift that’s given on behalf of a company. The home office may want to keep in touch with its work-from-home team by sending company logo gifts. Or the sales staff may send birthday or holiday gifts to customers to stay top-of-mind. The merchandise team may want to express gratitude to the vendors who go above and beyond. Maybe the advertising and marketing group sees a branding opportunity that would both be a wonderful employee gift and create some brand exposure. You can send business gifts to employees, bosses, clients, colleagues, a favorite account, or pretty much anyone who you work with in a professional setting.

    Sending business gifts is also a great way to make your company stand out and get your product or services in front of your target audience. Say you want to show a client how much you appreciate their continued business—sending them a surprise gourmet gift box is a great way to show them they’re a valued customer and to keep your company name in front of them. It’s a simple and thoughtful way to let someone know you’re willing to go the extra mile to show your appreciation.

  • What is an appropriate business gift?

    Figuring out an appropriate business gift can seem difficult - but not with GiftTree's help! You want to get something that’s special and meaningful, but not too personal. It’s also important that you choose something that a variety of people will like, as it’ll likely be shared with multiple people. Fortunately, you can find many great options and business gift ideas at GiftTree.

    Some good ideas for unique corporate gifts that we carry at GiftTree are Gourmet Gift Baskets and gift boxes, which come with delicious treats that the whole office can enjoy, and - if policy permits - Wine Gifts Baskets. A gift basket is a great item to send to an office, because it's easy to share. Who doesn't like the fun of snacks in the break room? With tempting treats like bakery cookies, fresh fruit, gourmet popcorn, chocolate-covered pretzels, artisan cheeses, delectable charcuterie, and more, there is something for everyone in a gift basket. We're especially proud to introduce our Giving Tree gift collection, which features great gourmet gifts that support good causes! Everyone at the office appreciates the opportunity to gather and share in a gourmet-inspired moment.

    Branded gifts are another great idea as they show you pay attention to detail and quality. You can easily order branded gifts at GiftTree and impress all your business partners and clients. Some of our favorite branded gifts have included a coffee or tea gift set with a monogrammed thermal tumbler and a leather notebook bearing the company logo. We've also handled things like laptop sleeves, a case for Bluetooth devices like headphones or speakers, and other company swag such as a gift box bearing a lovely pen. In addition, gift sets like gourmet popcorn gifts and other delicious food gifts or even spa and beauty gift baskets can go a long way in making a good impression.

    The budget is also an important consideration when it comes to what is appropriate. It's important to find just the right gift for the recipient, but it's equally important to stay within the budget you've set. And, if you're out of time, remember that a gift card is also an appropriate business gift.

    For a world of choices to meet the preferences of all of your business gift recipients, check out our business category page for a terrific selection! You'll love what we have in store for you!

  • How do I choose a business gift?

    If you’re not sure what to choose as a business gift, consider the reason why you’re giving the gift. For example, if your colleague just got promoted, you may want to send them a bottle of Champagne or something else from our gift collections. But, if you're sending a business gift as a way of saying thank you to a client, a bottle of wine with chocolate may be a better option.

    Any professional gifts that you send should be thoughtful and appropriate. You can find the best business gifts for your corporate needs right here at GiftTree. When you shop with GiftTree, you can select—and even personalize—a gift that will win over any client, colleague, or business partner and show how you’re the best in the game. We provide quick and easy delivery and guarantee a positive experience for everyone involved.

    In fact, corporate gifting is our specialty. If you need help selecting the perfect business gift, call us or reach out by email. We have Business Gift Advisors who offer concierge-level service to companies. We have so many products and items to choose from, and the ordering process is designed to be as simple as possible. In one order, you can select your gifts, enter your shipping addresses, add a personal message, pay, and GiftTree will take care of the rest! We'll make sure that everything is picture perfect and your organization is well represented.

  • What are the most popular corporate gifts?

    While there's no single answer to this question, some highly popular corporate gifts include gift cards, branded or logo gifts, and luxury items. Gift baskets are also a popular choice, because they offer so much variety in one lovely gift.

    Gift cards are always a popular choice. They're safe because a gift card allows your recipient to choose their own gift. Our gift cards start at $25 and include the wording, "You've got great taste! Treat yourself to the perfect gift!" Send a GiftTree Gift Card and send the perfect business gift.

    On the other hand, branded merchandise and luxury items are often seen as more thoughtful and, therefore, may be more appreciated than a gift card. A personalized gift takes a little extra time to execute, so your recipient will know you were thinking and planning the gift well ahead of time. Similarly, the details that go into selecting the perfect luxury also show that you've put in a bit of time and thought into the selection.

    We also really like the idea of a bountiful gift basket. With a gift basket, you can be sure that your recipient will be sure to find a few gourmet favorites. The choice of sharing or not is totally theirs. Our gift basket designs are curated to please a wide variety of palates and when it comes to packaging, they look exceedingly professional! When it comes to results, the reviews we receive for our corporate gift baskets are exceptional.

  • Does GiftTree carry promotional gifts?

    GiftTree can monogram or apply your logo to many of our personalized gifts. But if you're looking for trade-show style promotional gifts such as water bottles, calendars, mugs, games, bags or backpacks, and other accessories, GiftTree may not quite be the right fit. While we definitely handle large, bulk orders, our gift style tends to lean more toward items such as leather journals and notebooks, bar ware and accessories, and serving pieces, which we can personally monogram or emblazon with your corporate logo.

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