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Wine Gift Baskets

A beautiful Wine Gift Basket makes it a special occasion! Discover just the right wine and assortment of gourmet treats and send a beautifully hand-packed food and wine gift basket that's sure to impress! From bold Cabernet Sauvignons to crisp Chardonnays, these exquisite baskets feature gourmet indulgences and premium wines sourced from renowned vineyards in California wine country and beyond!

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  • What Are the Best Food and Wine Gift Baskets?

    Discover Great Food and Great Wine Pairings

    The best wine gift baskets include a great-drinking wine and delectable gourmet accompaniments! From white wines such as a crisp Chardonnay to the deep red wines like an aromatic Merlot and from French Champagne to California sparkling wines, we have a world of options when it comes to wine gift baskets here at GiftTree. You can easily find the wines that suit your favorite wine connoisseur's palate and your budget! We also have wine gift baskets that include a variety of different mouthwatering gourmet food pairings and wine accessories, so your gift can make a great impression.

    Add a Custom Ribbon for a Personal Touch

    A GiftTree wine gift basket is a thoughtful way to show that you put in time and effort into choosing a gift that you know they’ll appreciate. In addition, you can customize your gift with a ribbon to tailor the gift to the occasion. A custom ribbon makes your wine gift basket suitable as a sympathy gift, a thank you gift, or any occasion.

    Include a Bold Red Wine and a Crisp White Wine

    Finally, if you know someone who loves wine but you don't know their preferences, consider a wine gift basket that includes both a red wine and a white wine. For example, give a California-themed wine country gift basket with the Toast of California Wine Basket or discover a new favorite from Oregon wine country with the Adelsheim Wine Duet. In the end, the best wine gift creates a memorable experience for wine drinkers.

  • What Pairs Well with Wine?

    If you want to go above and beyond with a gift delivery, pair wine with an assortment of delicious gourmet foods. Every wine lover knows that chocolate and wine go hand in hand, and fortunately, we have a variety of different chocolate and wine gift baskets available on GiftTree. Cheeses and charcuterie also go well with wine and make for a perfect picnic basket for a memorable housewarming gift. If you’re looking for a wedding gift or anniversary gift, you can’t go wrong with the classic combination of wine and luxurious chocolate truffles. The best way to enjoy wine is with some gourmet foods on the side, and we’ve got you covered with gourmet wine gift baskets that have just that.

    Bar accessories also pair nicely with a wine gift. For example, a festive bottle stopper, a shapely carafe, an ice bucket, and even a sleek stainless steel chiller can make a lovely birthday gift. Other wine gadgets that make great add-on gifts include a foil cutter, a display piece for corks, wine openers or a traditional corkscrew, or a wine spout. For the sophisticated wine collector, a wine caddy might be a nice idea or a book about their favorite vineyard or winemaker is a nice touch.

  • How Do I Pick the Right Wine Gift Basket?

    If you have a wine enthusiast to shop for, there are so many delicious gourmet food and wine gift options to choose from! If you happen to know the recipient's taste and preferences, then you know where to start! You'll be able to find the right wine at the right price to suit your gift budget. But what if you're unsure about your recipient's taste in wine? Some wine drinkers prefer a rich, complex Cabernet Sauvignon or a flavorful and velvety Red Blend that is layered with bold and fruity notes. Others may prefer a nuanced and delicate rose for an elegant glass of wine to enjoy on the patio. White wine drinkers usually lean either toward sweet or dry. If you don't know what wine to choose, consider a wine gift basket that includes both a red wine and a white wine. Or a dry white wine and a sweet white wine. By pairing up two bottles of wine (or more!) you'll be giving your recipient a few new flavors to explore. And one thing wine drinkers love is discovering new favorites!

  • What's the Best Gift for Someone Who Likes Wine?

    A wine gift basket is a popular gift to send when you know the recipient enjoys wine. Another good gift for a wine lover is a sommelier-curated wine crate that includes multiple bottles of wine, like a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Pinot Noir, and a Sauvignon Blanc so the recipient can explore different varietals and regions. Or a wine and cheese gift basket that comes with an assortment of different cheeses to create the perfect happy hour for the wine enthusiast. A gift box that includes an opulent bottle of wine and Riedel wine glasses is another good idea, especially as a birthday gift so they’ll have something to toast with. For the person who is virtually a sommelier, consider a gift set from our Reserve Cellar, where you can pair an iconic vintage from our collection with a keepsake container for the ultimate wine gift.

  • Wine Gift Baskets Are Excellent Corporate Gifts!

    Wine gift baskets are a popular choice for corporate gifting programs. Once you determine that a wine gift basket aligns with your recipients' preferences and company policies, it's time to start planning! Personalization, quality, and presentation are key factors in making the gift memorable and meaningful. First and foremost, make sure that a gourmet food and wine gift aligns with company policies. Further, if your gift list includes recipients who may prefer a non-wine gift or any people who are underage, we have many alternative gift baskets so you can be sure everyone receives an appropriate gift. In addition, some states don't permit wine gifts shipped to their residents, so residents of these states will also need a non-wine gift alternative. One of our experienced Business Gift Advisors can help you place an order with both wine gift baskets and gorgeous alternatives. Adding a personal touch to the wine gift baskets you send to your VIP clients puts your company's name or logo front and center. Add a custom ribbon to your wine gift baskets or, for longer message options, consider one of the engravable options from our Wine Gift Crates. For more ideas on how to personalize your corporate gifts, talk with a Business Gift Advisor. Choose among our high-quality wines and gourmet items to discover an impressive gift. The quality of the items in the gift basket reflects on your company's image. Every item in a GiftTree wine basket is evaluated by our team of experienced taste testers. We don't put anything in a gift basket we wouldn't be proud to give to our friends, family, and colleagues. The presentation of the gift is essential. Elegant packaging and a well-arranged gift basket leaves a positive impression. Our careful packaging ensures both the safe arrival of your gift and the "wow!" factor that comes with our attention to all the beautiful details. Finally, a GiftTree wine gift basket always includes a professional card for you to express your appreciation and reinforce your business relationship. When it comes to sending wine gift baskets for your corporate gifting program, choose GiftTree and give with confidence!

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