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A bountiful and beautiful fresh fruit basket delivery is a thoughtful and welcome surprise. In addition, a classic fruit gift delivers an unspoken message of your care and well wishes. Choose from a variety gift options, all featuring fresh, premium orchard fruit delivered right the home or office. Brighten someone's day today with a healthful gift of nature's bounty.

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  • Fruit Baskets for All Occasions

    Impress with the Best in Fresh Fruit Gift Basket Delivery!

    A harvest fruit gift basket laden with premium fresh fruit is a gift like no other. Suitable for so many occasions, fresh fruit is one of our most popular gift options. Discover the perfect fresh fruit gift basket for your occasion at GiftTree.

    Find Just the Right Fruit Gift

    You can choose a variety of fabulous gifts, from a simple and straightforward box of fresh fruit to one of our exclusive gift baskets brimming with premium fruit selections and tasty gourmet treats. No matter the fruit gift you choose, your thoughtful gift will be hand-packed for secure shipping and an impressive presentation upon arrival. Count on GiftTree to make the unboxing moment special for your gift recipient.

    The Perfect Gift for a Special Occasion or a "Thinking of You" Moment

    Our Fruit Gifts and Fruit Gift Baskets collection features high-quality produce. These healthful and satisfying gifts are especially appropriate as a Sympathy Gift, a Get Well Gift, or a Birthday Gift. With a delightful combination of crisp apples, juicy pears, and sun-drenched oranges, your recipient will enjoy and truly appreciate this gift!

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  • Fruit Gift Baskets Are the Go-To Classic Gift

    What's So Special about a Fruit Gift?

    There's something especially welcome about receiving a gift brimming with grove-fresh fruit. In addition to the colorful appeal, fruit gift baskets offer a multitude of benefits.

    Fruit for Health and Wellness

    In today's world, health and wellness take center stage. Fruit gift baskets are a thoughtful symbol of a commitment to health. Packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber, fresh fruits can contribute to well-being and having fruit at hand makes healthy choices easy.

    Appropriate for So Many Occasions

    When it comes down to it, fruit gift baskets are suitable for any occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to corporate events and holidays. They are an especially thoughtful gift to extend your condolences to a bereaved family or to convey your get-well wishes to someone who is on extended health leave. Fruit gift baskets convey a message of care, making them an ideal choice for many occasions.

    Looking Good!

    Not only is fresh fruit a tasty treat, a beautifully arranged fruit basket is a bountiful feast for the eyes. We carefully select each piece of premium fruit and artfully arrange it to create a stunning presentation that will impress your recipient.

    Less Waste, More Taste!

    Unlike many gifts that may contribute to environmental waste, fruit gift baskets have a sustainability angle. Once the fruits have been enjoyed, the basket itself can be repurposed or reused, minimizing environmental impact. We select our beautiful and exclusive gift baskets with this specifically in mind.

    Why Choose GiftTree?

    With nearly 30 years of experience in the gift industry, we've earned a reputation for excellence in quality, service, and attention to detail. We source only the finest, freshest fruits from trusted growers. Further, we include a complimentary gift card with each fruit gift and exceptional customer service throughout the gifting process. With flexible shipping options, sending a fruit gift basket has never been easier. Across town or across the country, GiftTree delivers an exceptional gifting experience.

  • How do I send a fresh fruit basket?

    Give a Fruit Gift Baskets with All the Trimmings

    We're so glad you asked! A fresh fruit delivery is always a welcome surprise! With a variety of delivery options, complimentary gift cards for your personal messages, and a wide assortment of favorites to choose from, we can handle a personal gift to one person or a company order for hundreds of recipients. You can even add an occasion ribbon to add a special touch to some of our fruit gifts to create a truly unique gift. We can print your special message on the ribbon, making it a perfect way to show your appreciation. We make the gifting process as easy as possible. Simply select your gift, add the recipient's name and address, and make your payment.

    Let Us Handle the Details for You

    We'll take care of all the details, such as carefully packaging the arrangements and shipping your orders. If you have questions, our Gift Advisors are here to help! With a range of price options, a variety of fruit gifts in different sizes, beautiful packaging, and exceptional customer service, we've got you covered! Make someone happy and lift their spirits with a gift of choice fresh, premium fruit in a gourmet gift basket.

  • Fruit Baskets Connect You across the Miles

    Send a Classic Fruit Gift

    A fresh fruit gift is a lovely gift to send for any occasion. Our orchard-fresh fruit baskets feature the season's premium picks, carefully packaged, and delivered right to their doorstep! Our Fruit Basket collection includes simply elegant boxes of fresh fruit for the purist on your gift list all the way to lavish fruit gift baskets laden with premium fruits as well as delicious accompaniments.

    A Timeless Way to Share Your Care

    Some of our favorite occasions to send a fresh fruit basket include as a get well gift, a congratulations gift, a holiday greeting ,or even a kind and simple thinking-of-you gesture. A fresh fruit gift is the perfect pick-me-up that you can feel good about giving. Send someone a fresh fruit gift and stay connected across the miles.

  • When should I send a gourmet fresh fruit gift basket?

    The Time Is Right Now

    At GiftTree, we think it's always a great time to send a fresh fruit gift basket! You can send a fruit basket delivery to a client, friends, or family members for a number of occasions. Send a fresh fruit basket as a birthday gift to a friend or client if you aren't able to celebrate together. Give a fresh fruit gift as a gift to congratulate a family member on college graduation. A fresh fruit gift basket makes a thoughtful sympathy gift if you can’t make it to the funeral services and want to send your condolences. Instead of chocolates, consider a healthful fruit arrangement for a Valentine's Day gift for your loved one. And when it comes to Easter treats and other holiday occasions, a gift box full of fresh fruit is something everyone can enjoy and feel good about eating!

    Fruit Gifts Designed to Shine at Any Time

    You can send a fresh fruit basket to any person at any time, and the recipients will most likely appreciate it more than you think. Our fruit baskets are generously filled with an assortment of seasonal fruits, so they’ll always be fresh and delicious. We include a complimentary crafted card with each delivery, so you can write your own personal message. Our fruit baskets make for an unforgettable gift for anyone who’s lucky enough to receive one. They're overflowing with the freshest, most delicious fruit available. We carefully select the best seasonal produce to make sure that the recipient of a GiftTree fruit basket receives the best of the best.

  • What's in a Fresh Fruit Gift?

    Baskets, Boxes, Crates, and More!

    Most of our fruit gifts contain a mix of fresh apples, delicious oranges, and juicy pears with seasonal highlights. In season, we offer chocolate covered fruit for a special treat! We offer a variety of gift options, from straightforward fruit gift boxes to elaborate and elegant fruit baskets.

    Perfect Pairings for Luscious Juicy Fruits

    In addition to all-fruit gifts, you can choose a thoughtful gift that combines premium fruit and gourmet food. For example, we have fruit gifts that include fresh bakery cookies, seasoned nuts, dried fruit, crackers, as well as fruit gift baskets that include delicious gourmet chocolates. We have fruit gift boxes that include delicious cheese for a lovely pairing. You can even choose a fruit gift box or basket that includes a lovely bottle of wine! From a versatile Oregon Pinot Noir to a classic California Chardonnay, pairing wine with a fruit gift can make any occasion or holiday special!

    Handled with Care

    Packaging a fruit gift for shipment requires attention to detail. All of our fruit gift baskets are carefully hand packed in a purposefully selected basket, tray, box or crate to ensure the highest quality possible upon delivery.

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